About Me

I trained as a press photographer on the Kent and Sussex Courier in the early 60s and then moved on from newspaper to newspaper until I got a job on Fleet Street, London, England’s legendary heart of the newspaper business.

I went freelance after a while and specialized in show business and music photography, all the while keeping my hand in with newspapers and magazines. I worked fora long time with Paul and Linda McCartney – I have credits on the ‘All The Best’ album. I also covered the Northern Ireland troubles, the war in Croatia and Iraq and famine in Rwanda. All the while, I was covering the major live bands like AC/DC and Dire Straits for the record companies and publicity.

I built a library of pictures which still earn me good money today. It’s over 20 years since I contributed a picture to my agent Rex Features but I still get a nice monthly payments for my sales.

I did a spell on the News of the World in the late 80s and then left photography for the IT world for a short while in the late 90s until I discovered digital photography. Which led to  YouTube where my MFT Cameras channel gets an unbelievable number of hits.

I also had a quite successful stick man cartoon series in the early noughties, which won a few awards and ran weekly in the student section of the Daily Telegraph Online. I currently have a successful YouTube video channel on the subject of Micro Four Thirds Photography.