Wibbly Wobbly GH3 Monitor

It’s funny how you get used to things. I’ve had my GH3 now for nearly a year. Lovely camera, best I’ve ever owned in many ways and in terms of pleasure in use, only ever matched in my photographic life by my Hasselblad 500c. Except for one thing. The flimsy rear LCD monitor. It wobbles and shakes when you unfold it from the camera for use on a tripod or in awkwardly high or low viewing situations. It makes the camera feel flimsy.

Then I came across a few forum posts here and there of people with the same problem. Except that, so sensitive am I, and so slowly had the problem developed that I had gradually come to accept it as part of the camera. The posters knew it was a problem, something wrong and I read that Panasonic knew it too and would correct it under warranty or, if out of warranty, free of charge.

So I emailed Panasonic service and received a rather unfriendly reply that they would determine if it was a warranty matter or not after I had returned the camera to them. In other words, you are on your own, pal. No mention of it being a known fault. Filled with confidence I wasn’t.

Then I saw a post on a forum of someone who’d done the repair themselves. I like working through things, finding a method to do something – but even more, I like saving myself time and trouble. And having found I could do it myself, I thought why not make a video fro anyone brave enough to have a go.

So here it is. I have to say it makes the camera feel much, much better, more solid and more professional. The funny thing is, all I’ve done is bring t back to what it was supposed to be. One of my subscribers has just messaged me now to ask, have I heard of the flash shoe shoe coming loose on GH3s.

I haven’t but in the light of the floppy monitors, it doesn’t surprise me if it is happening. Perhaps I’ll send the Panasonic factory a tube of Loctite.

8 thoughts on “Wibbly Wobbly GH3 Monitor

  1. Mike

    Thanks for the very useful video, just fixed one of my GH3s- the other, despite being only 5 serial numbers older, is still absolutely fine. I guess it must have had a more careful previous owner!

    Like yours, mine only needed the top hinge tightening. That screw deep in the battery compartment is definitely the crux though…

    1. dt@dthorpe.net Post author

      Yes, that battery compartment screw is the make or break one. I wonder what it is that causes the screw to come loose on some and not others? I’m quite gentle with my cameras but mine came loose.

      Glad the video was useful. I was a bit worried that I might be responsible for wrecked GH3s when I made it but in the end I thought that anyone not confident in their practical abilities wouldn’t want to do it anyway. I knew cameras were complicated internally but I was still surprised to see that it isn’t just full of electronics, it is packed with them.

  2. Tim Frakes

    David, you are a lifesaver! Your post, “How To Repair A Panasonic GH3’s Wobbly Monitor” was really helpful. The process took me about 20 minutes, following your instructions. The screw in the battery compartment is by far the most difficult to remove and replace. At least it was with the very short jeweler’s screwdriver I had at my disposal. Also, your suggestion regarding the use of a magnetized screwdriver would have made the job easier. However, I was able to complete the repair anyway.

    Thanks again for your post!

    1. dt@dthorpe.net Post author

      Good to hear, Tim. When I posted that i had a horrible feeling I’d missed something and would have dozens of emails threatening to sue me!

  3. dt@dthorpe.net Post author

    Thanks Marullo. With any luck it won’t happen. Mine was a fairly early GH3 and Panasonic may have cured it by the time they made yours.


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